Success is not a word that characterises everyone.

In order to do something great in this life, you need to be somebody – said a wise man, but how to become somebody in a world that is in a continuous change and how to achieve your goals in order to understand the term of prosperity?

Today you will know the secrets of the success from the owner of the greatest restaurant “Taverna Mouses” from the Thassos Island – Stavros Glistos.

How he made the prosperity a way of living and what he makes to maintain its fire – learn right now from this interview the answers on these questions.

I wish you big revelations and a pleasant lecture. 🙂


How you would define the success?

Success means to do always the things you like. For me, the word success is equivalent with the word happiness. I don’t think a man can be successful if he makes the things he doesn’t like. Nobody can succeed in a field that involves activities which brings him no satisfaction. Success, for me, means to be free, as well. When a person becomes successful he can consider himself a free person.

Do you think that everyone can become a successful man or there are some people “born” to have success?

I think that everyone can succeed in his life if he really wants this. Each person can achieve everything he wants if he persists in his wishes. I never let somebody to be better than me, I am always in a competition with the best people, because I consider that what somebody managed to do, everyone can take him as a model. There are no impossible things in this world. I always follow this principle and everything I have achieved till now is the result of this belief of life.

Do you believe in luck? Do you think that somebody was born lucky and somebody no?

No, I don’t believe in luck, I think that every man makes his luck by his own. Everything that I have obtained I have made with my own hands. My parents didn’t give me a lot of money, the man I am today is the result of my perseverance. But my parents always helped me with what they were able to.

I am a successful man because I always believed that I can obtain everything that I want. And I obtained it. I always thought that I was born to be somebody and I managed to prove it during the time.

In your opinion, what is the key of success?

There is not a key of success. Every person has his own definition about the success. I didn’t follow any rules to be here, but I truly think that there is only one secret to obtain success: just do what you like to, and be implicated in the activities that bring you satisfaction. Sooner or later, the success will appear anyway.

What is your opinion about democracy? Is democracy necessary in the process of leading?

I’ll be frank. I don’t like democracy. I think that people need leaders; a leader is a person who always thinks for all of his employees, that’s why he is a leader. If people would do everything as they want, it would be a real disaster. If somebody still works for somebody else, it means that he doesn’t discover his potential in order to become free or, maybe, he is thankful with this.

I recognize that I like when my employees are obedient, because I think that I know better what to do with my business. But I am not stubborn, I am a very flexible man and I accept when people tell me that I am wrong or give me some new ideas.

Where do you take your energy?

I have never thought about this. I just think that I was born “crazy”. I always liked to be different from others. I was born in a poor family and I did everything by myself. I never feared to do new things and to try something new in my life. I think that my energy comes from my way of being. I am a very instable man, I can renounce very easy on something that I have today just to achieve a new goal that will make me feel better.

What advices would you give the people who are just at the beginning of their way of success?

I have only one idea on your question: just do every time whatever you like to do. There is no formula for obtaining success, there isn’t any key for achieving a prosperous life, just do what you like the most and do it good.


Interview by Eugenia Balan

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