“Your future is the result of your present experiences”

If somebody would tell me 5 years ago that one day I will live American dream, I would not believe him. But our existence is a surprise, and if you are open – minded person, always ready for new adventures, life will never hesitate to give you memorable recollections.

I was 21 years old when I decided to go in America with the Work and Travel program. And, though, it already passed 2 years through the “greatest adventure from my life” (as I call it) the memories from that period still live in my mind.

I didn’t keep a journal in the period I lived in USA, but I remember everything, till now, as that experience is still alive in me.

When I look back I usually think: “Where did I find such courage in me to risk everything in order to live the American dream?” I can expect such an experience from me now, when I reached a kind of higher emotional level, but in that period I was a just kid, trying to overcome myself.

I didn’t have money for going in America, but I had a big dream: to see the American way of living and thinking. And as I usually say:

If you have a dream, in which you really believe, the suitable situations and circumstances will appear from the places you expect less.

It was the only powerful thought that I knew in that period.

When I stepped for the first time on the American land, I felt such a safe feeling. I felt like I already knew that place.

Even for the first glance, America seemed to be a familiar place where everyone can understand the true meaning of the word “freedom”.

I don’t know if there are some words to explain now the feelings that I felt then, but, for sure, I have lived in those moments the emotions I have never lived before.

Everything it was like a dream, I thought I was dreaming and I really didn’t want to wake up. I didn’t wake up for 4 months, because I have lived there in this period.

When people ask me what can I tell them about America, different kind of emotions envelop me so much, that I can utter even a word. 🙂

I think that nobody can tell what American experience means, till he doesn’t live it, by himself.

Even the best tellers would not explain the feelings somebody can have living in USA even for a while.

If there are some lessons I have learned there about the life? Yes, and I want to share them with you:


1) Life is too short to lose it on the preconceived prejudices and ideas.

2) You only live once (YOLO), never forget about this!

If you really want to do something, just do it! Do whatever makes you happy, go whatever you feel good. Live the freedom of your mind and don’t limit your dreams.

3) Smile, smile, smile.

Never stop looking happy, even though you don’t feel like this. Cheat yourself till you really feel it. I will never forget what the man I was working for told me once, when I was sad: “I don’t want sad people working here; I want happy people, to inspire everyone”.

Sure, American people are not the happiest people from the world, but, surely, they inspire each other with their happy faces. Somebody said:

Fake it until you make it. 🙂 

4) Try to understand each person, whatever the language he is speaking

I don’t know if I have met somewhere so many different folks as I have met in America. The most pleasant present for me there was to know different ways of thinking of people and to try to understand each of them.

Besides the fact that each folk has its own life principles, each person has his believes.

To try to understand people and to make an efficient conversation is not an easy task.

5) Just live!

Don’t think about if tomorrow it will be a storm or not. Don’t think about how much money have you saved this month, just live, enjoy every moment, know new people, go for the parties, dance, sing, allow yourself to be… alive. And always keep in mind that you deserve the best!

6) Don’t save money on travels, save money on things you buy and really don’t need them.

I was always fond of buying clothes, jewelries and other things like this. I would save money on books for buying all these stuff.

  • America thought me that in life the material things are not as important as the places you see.
  • America thought me that the experience is more expensive than the material things.
  • America thought me that saving money on the things that bring you happiness and spiritual food is the greatest stupidity you can ever commit in your life!

7) Trust people who really want you to be ok!

I was really surprised when I understand, on the American land, that there are, indeed, people who want truly help you. I was growth with conditioned loved: “I give you if you give me”.

American people gave me one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned: there are people who just want to help you, never requiring something in turn. Do you believe me? I already do! 🙂

8) Do the things you fear the most!

I have worked in an amusement park the period I lived in USA. Being always in the centre of people fun, I was somehow scared about some rides from there, which I really want, inside of me, to try.

I did it till the end, but after this experience I understood that we, people, are never afraid the height, we are afraid to fall. We are not afraid of new experiences, we are afraid to fail. We are not afraid of life, we are afraid to live!

When you do the things you fear the most, you look the fear in its eyes and you show it that you CAN do everything you want to. The limits are always in your mind!

9) You are always alone; though there are a lot of people who surround you.

Yes, America thought me this lesson. Before the American experience I always expected someone to do the things for me.

I was like a “big kid”, always waiting for a miracle in his life. But when you are in a foreign country, between absolute foreign people, you understand that the only person you can really trust and can make the best decision for you is: YOU! Yes, you have the full responsibility for your life!

People may advice you, but they would never know what you really want to do with your existence!

10) You can find people with common tangents in any corner of the world.

In my life I was always afraid of people who think different from me. Yes, it may sound banal, but a great part of my life I was avoiding people that has different principles and ideas about life.

I didn’t know in that period of my life that all of us are different and the world would be a bad joke if everyone would be absolutely the same.

Now, I like to talk to people who have the similar life ideas, but more, I like to talk to people who think different, in order to learn something new for me and my life!

11) And the last important thing I have learned from American experience is that everyone wants happy people around him!

Many people ask me what I do in order to be wanted by almost everyone in his life. I respond them that: “Nothing, I am just the way I am”. But, digging deeper in this question, I have found the answer: people just want happy people in their life.

Nobody wants friends who are always complain, nobody wants party partners who are always sad, nobody wants a boyfriend or a girlfriend who always tell about his/her problems and ask people to find solutions for them.

Everyone has his own problems, but why not to forget about them when we are in the world? Imagine, how would the world be like if everyone would “attach” his problems on other’s shoulders?

At the end of the article I want to add just the thing that I can tell you two days, without interrupting, about the American experience I have lived 2 years ago, but only people who lived it can understand me. The main idea is never let the chances to pass besides you. Don’t forget: YOLO (You Only Live Once)! 🙂

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